2-Color Eye Shadow The Face

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The Face Shop Dual Baked Shadow eye shadow with 2 color tones for girls to enjoy the convenience of makeup and still have beautiful eyes when standing in front of the opposite.

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  • Description

    – The Face Shop Dual Baked Shadow The two-tone color is designed to give your girlfriend the opportunity to save money while still having a different makeover.

    – The Face Shop Dual Color Shadow Blush is available in a choice of two different color combinations for each girl.
    – The eyes are the soul window so it needs to be emphasized and impressed just with 2 colors eyeshadow The Face Shop Dual Baked Shadow

    – The Face Shop Dual Baked Shadow is a combination of two color tones, with a girl who likes natural and fresh, choose bright colors and pater. With her classic, bright, mysterious sad can choose dark colors … ..

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  • Additional information

    Blue, Blue Plaid, Red Tartan, Stripes


    Adidas, Albano, Bagatt

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    1 review for 2-Color Eye Shadow The Face

    1. Shu

      Lime real cover pink cushion is a product of pollen from Korean cosmetic company Lime Cosmetic, extracted from peony root, cherry blossom and volcanic ash. Natural ingredients that are non-invasive make-up, it also helps skin cooler, more comfortable and softer.

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